Persona watercraft tracking system

What is Ototrak

Ototrak is the world’s first cloud-based personal watercraft tracking remote control system for Yamaha & Sea-Doo personal watercrafts. With OtoTrak Personal watercraft tracking system you can track and control an unlimited number of watercrafts from any location in the world with your smartphone or tablet. Ototrak’s patent pending technology provides the latest state of the art management, supervision, and security solution for personal watercraft owners.


Real – Time Tracking

Ototrak enables precise real-time tracking, which allows for location and recovery of any number of personal watercrafts, providing the best possible management and security for personal watercraft fleets.

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Personal watercraft tracking system

OtoTrak for better safety

OtoTrak Intelligent Distance Control (IDC) feature greatly improves the safety of your watercrafts, reduces risk of watercraft collisions, and minimizes the chances of near-shore accidents. Ototrak Geofence Safety Zone feature allows for customization of safe-ride zones.

how it works



Personal watercraft tracking system

OtoTrak collects the watercraft data (GPS location, throttle, speed, and fuel running time), and transmits it to the server using FSM/GPRS technology. The collected data is then automatically updated and organized to the OtoTrak Cloud service. Users can monitor and control any number of watercrafts in real-time using OtoTrak mobile iOS or Android app on smartphone or tablet devices.

Safe zones

OtoTrak allows you to create any custom, Safe-Ride personal or rental zone for your watercrafts. Watercrafts inside your Safe-Ride Zone can use full speed, while watercrafts entering a pontoon zone and moving outside of a Safe-Ride Zone will be automatically reduced to your pre-determined minimum speed, even if the rider keeps the throttle fully engaged. The OtoTrak mobile application on your smartphone or tablet provides you full control over all of your watercrafts, including control of watercraft engines, simultaneously if needed, or in case of emergency.

Safe-Ride Zones are ideal also for yacht’s and cruise ships operating globally, securing Safe-Ride Zone parameters for guests.

Personal watercraft tracking system

Reduced Fuel Consumption

Reducing fuel consumption and getting better engine sustainability are great benefits of using the OtoTrak system. OtoTrak allows for reduced fuel consumption due to its unique ability to enable a maximum speed to be pre-set on Personal Watercraft. Additionally, keeping the engine on lower RPM also assists in better engine sustainability and fewer service calls.

Personal watercraft tracking system

The Challenge

  • Watercraft rental zone safety
  • Keeping all active watercrafts safe
  • Controling watercraft’s speed
  • Minimizing watercraft collision
  • Tracking watercraft’s rent time
  • Tracking watercraft’s fuel consumption

PWC tracking system

The Solution

  • Controls watercraft’s position
  • Tracks unlimited number of watercrafts
  • Customizable speed limit
  • IDC collision detection and warning
  • GPS precise rental time stopwatch
  • Real-time fuel consumption
  • GPS anti-theft warning and tracking

PWC tracking system

The Result

  • OtoTrak’s patented technology based supervision for premium security
  • Intelligent Distance Control for optimal rider safety
  • Track’s unlimited watercrafts in real-tme via Google map
  • Daily statistical analysis for maximized profitability
  • Measurable business performance
  • Protection of business and personal assets
  • Reduced fuel consumption and better engine sustainability

PWC tracking system


OtoTrak Anti-Theft Solution

OtoTrak provides protection of business and personal assets. When the “Remote Control Lock” is active, push notifications will be sent instantly if your personal watercraft is moved from its location. The “Engine” immobilizer can be also activated remotely as an additional anti-theft solution. Real-time tracking on Google Map allows for immediate location and recovery of any personal watercraft.

Simple Plug ‘N Play Install

Once OtoTrak is installed, it collects the watercraft data (GPS position, throttle, speed, fuel, running time) and transmits it to the Ototrak server using FSM/GPRS technology. The OtoTrak system is compatible with any post-2009 Sea-Doo or Yamaha personal watercraft. You can monitor and control any number of watercrafts in real-time using the OtoTrak mobile App on your iOS devices (iPhone or iPad) or Android devices.

PWC tracking system
PWC tracking system


PWC tracking system

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